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solar water heater installation

Abuja, Federal Republic of Nigeria, Africa

This United States Embassy uses solar water heaters to enable self-sufficiency and lower use of fossil-fuels.

Hot water is available even during routine black-outs.

20 PT-50 ICS units installed

solar water heater installation

Clermont, Florida USA

Lake Lousia State Park uses solar technology to provide hot water to its 20 cabins. This solar initiative is funded by Florida's Department of Environmental Protection.

Visitors learn through first-hand experience the benefits of solar water heating technology.

solar water heater installation

Pensacola, Florida USA

The hot water demand in this large athletic club is easily met by 5 PT-50 solar water heating units.  The showers operate year round without increasing electrical expenses. A Vortex Solar System is also used to heat the 25,000 gallon swimming pool.

solar water heater installation

St. Croix
U.S. Virgin Islands

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) uses solar water heaters in housing properties therefore dramatically reducing the energy allowance subsidy.

The PT heaters have -over and over- withstood hurricane winds including Hugo's 180 mph force.

One PT-40CN for each apt.

solar water heater installation

Jacksonville, Florida USA

installation of 10 PT-50 collectors in the Police Memorial Building in Jacksonville. 

System Performance:
10,000,000 BTUs - 30.6 MWh. 

solar water heater installation

Fort Pierce, FLorida USA

Installation on the Florida National Guard Building

System Performance:
280,00 BTU/day - 84 KwH/day

solar water heater installation

Residents enjoy the huge economic and environmental benefits of solar technology.

Residential Installations

solar water heater

"Here is what the ProgressiveTube PT-50 looks like once completed. I really appreciate your help. Couldn't have done this project without you. The collector up close picture show how I did the Dole valve. Looking forward to hearing if I need to add an offset."
- C. Keller

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solar water heater installation

Orlando, Florida USA

In 1993, the Florida Solar Energy Center designed the "Spirit of Today" house with remarkable energy efficient and environmentally friendly features.

Model PT-40CN was chosen because of its reputation for durability, reliable operation and cost effective performance.

solar water heater installation

Jacksonville, Florida USA

The ProgressivTube does not in any way affect the aesthetics of a building.  Customers proudly display their environmental consciousness and smart investment. Unit blends to roofline with sky-light appearance.

solar water heater installation The solar water heater increases the value of the home and utility bill savings pay for system in three to five years.
solar water heater installation

2 ProgressivTube 50s
Elizabethtown, NC

Customer Letters

Florida - December 2005

Dear Mr. Gulden, I would like to take a moment of your time to tell you how pleased I am with the first phase of the installation of the hot water system. Your installers, Frank and his partner (please forgive me I don't recall his name) were very polite, courteous and above all professional. It was apparent that they possessed the skills, knowledge and abilities necessary to completion of the job. They represented your company with a sense of pride and should be commended. I will be looking forward to the completion of the system as soon as I can get my roof repaired.

Thank You - Frank F. Imparato


Florida - November 2005

Thank you so much for your great response and action. I will tell others of my positive experience with your quality service.

Sincerely, Bill Sitkin


Mexico - December 2001

A group of 16 adults from Brownsburg Christian Church in Indiana went on a mission trip to an orphanage in San Luis Potosi, Mexico in September 2001.

We did several general maintenance projects plus also installed (3) ProgressivTube solar water panels. This was done to reduce cost of propane gas used to heat hot water. Also hot water was provided to areas of the orphanage that did not have hot water. Previous to the installation of the solar pamels, the propane tank had to be refilled every 3 weeks. The orpahange now reports going 3 months and still has gas in the tank. In addition, hot water has been expanded to the kitchen, clothes washing area and two bathrooms.

We want to thank Solar Direct and Watkins Trucking for providing and shipping these (3) panels to Mexico.

It was a very rewarding trip to first improve the physical needs of the orphanage and second to have a great spiritual experience with these wonderful people.

Ed Cottingham, Member, The Mexico Mission Team
Brownsburg Christian Church

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Cash Rebates

Using solar energy can save you money and reduce your direct impact on the environment. Federal, State and Local incentives are now available to help you achieve your goal of energy independence and to reduce your carbon footprint.

tax and utility company rebates and incentives

Plus many states are also offering substantial rebates and incentives to help you achieve your goal of energy independence and to reduce your carbon footprint.  

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