TrendSetter® Solar Water Heater Tank

TrendSetter Solar Storage TankThe TrendSetter Solar Storage Tank is a non-pressurized insulated water storage tank.

Each tank comes standard with one heat exchanger for domestic hot water pre-heat. Any number of heat exchangers can be added to the tank to increase capacities or mounted high and low in the tank to perform a variety of functions like spa heating, closed loop radiant floor heating or even snow melting.

Tanks also include tank level indicators, 10K sensors one high and one low in water tight dip tubes, a pump flange for a solar pump with fill and drain port and a passive vacuum breaker and condensate breather system for low maintenance. Tanks are lined with seamless EDPM have a 20 year warranty against leaking. These tanks have an indefinite life expectancy and are suitable for outside installation.

Product Applications

  • Solar domestic water heating
  • Spa heating
  • Closed loop radiant floor heating
  • Snow melting

Product Features

  • High-Temperature EDPM liner
  • Composite aluminum construction
  • Interior submerged heat exchanger
  • All copper/cupronickel fittings
  • Secondary Silicone
  • Rigid Foam Insulation
  • Stainless Steel Fasteners
  • Silver Brazed Joints

Tank Sizes

Series Capacity (gal) Length (in) Width (in) Height (in)
100 109 30 30 52
150 146 30 38 52
200 195 38 38 52
300 295 54 38 52


H-X Single Wall Type - The heat exchanger[s] consis

Heat Exchanger

t of submerged arrays of single-wall finned copper heat exchangers with a fitting sizes of ¾” and internal diameters of 5/8” size. Composition of copper is soft finned Type K material, annealed throughout the entire length. The finned portion of the coil is 18 square feet surface area.

Exchangers incorporate from one [1] to four [4] or more copper coils per heat exchanger array depending on requirements, and may result in varying inlet and outlet fitting sizes. Exchangers are mounted in a hanging configuration, secured by a brazed mount to the tank [lid] assembly.

The exchangers incorporate thermal sleeves to isolate the tank body from high temperatures and are tested to 100 psi maximum operating pressure.

As an option, Dual-Wall Heat Exchangers are also available.


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Cash Rebates

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