TrendSetter Premium Super Heat Pipe Solar Thermal Collector

The TRENDSETTER® solar collector has been designed to be suitable for a wide range of system configurations including open loop, closed loop, drain back and even thermosyphon when coupled with a suitable tank. Collectors may be installed in banks of up to10collectors in series (300 tubes maximum) and unlimited parallelconnected banks. Collectors can be used for both domestic and commercial applications.Trendsetter solar collector

The TRENDSETTER® premium collector is a thermal solar collector that uses twin glass evacuated tubes as the solar absorber. Copper heat pipes are used to transfer the heat from within the evacuated tube to a heat transfer manifold, with metal fins positioned within the evacuated tube to aid heat transfer and hold the heat pipes firmly in place.

The heat transfer manifold consists of a copper header pipe through which heat transfer liquid (water or water-glycol mix) is circulated. The header is designed with dry contact ports into which the heat pipes plug, allowing efficient heat transfer. There is no water inside the evacuated tubes and no direct contact between the heat pipes and the heat transfer liquid, as such the system is suitable for mains pressure.

The manifold and tubes are attached to a stainless steel mounting frame, which can be mounted directly on a roof of suitable pitch. Frame kits are also available which allow mounting on flat roofs, walls or low-pitched roofs. By using commercially available frame kits, pole mounting is also possible.

Product Applications

  • Domestic and commercial use
  • Suitable for open or closed Loop (glycol-water)
  • Can be configured for drain-back (end ports)
  • Suitable for mains pressure (<800kPa)
  • Suitable for potable water
  • Needs only slow water circulation (0.1L/tube/min)
  • Not suitable for chlorinated water (pool/spa) in open flow format
  • Ideal for commercial heating applications
  • Caravan Parks, Hotels, Schools, Public Showers/Kitchens
  • Restaurants [dish washing]
  • Industrial heating [supplement gas heating]
  • Absorption/Adsorption Chilling
  • Max of 10 x TS-30 per bank (max 300 collectors in series), unlimited banks running in parallel
  • Can run all in parallel with feed and return lines
  • Installation on almost any wall or roof surface

Product Features

  • Reliable, efficient, twin-glass evacuated tubes
  • Copper heat pipes for rapid heat transfer
  • High efficiency - long term performance
  • Light-weight - easy to transport
  • Attractive design
  • Reliability and long life
  • Significant advantages over flat plate
  • Easy plug-in installation - Installer friendly frame design
  • Maintenance Free
  • Suitable for mains pressure water (up to 8 bar/116psi)
  • Stable solar conversion throughout the day (tubes passively track the sun) 

Pipe Insulation

Copper pipe (as commonly used on the solar loop) is a fantastic natural heat dissipater, and therefore if not well insulated the system performance will be greatly reduced, due to passive heat loss. ALL exposed piping both indoors and outdoors should be heavily insulated, regardless of the climate.

Installation Location

Installation angle (inclination) and direction (azimuth) are both important factors, which should be considered. As a general rule the installation angle should match the latitude of the region, however this may not be the case if the system design needs to minimize summer output.

The azimuth should be as close to due south as possible. Pointing towards the East or West by up to 30° is acceptable and will have minimal impact on the collector output. Pointing the collector at greater angles towards East or West will change the peak period of heat output to morning or afternoon respectively.

Make certain the collector will not be shaded significantly during the day. Early morning before 10AM or later afternoon shading after 3 PM is not a major problem as solar radiation levels are low during these periods anyway.


Adhere to all relevant safety regulations when completing the installation, in particular health and safety guidelines regarding working on a roof/ladder.

Ensure the collector will not become a hazard in the case of damage. E.g. during a storm if flying debris strikes the collector, tubes may be broken, resulting in broken glass. A consideration of where such glass may fall should be made – if on an area where people re likely to walk, safety measures may need to be employed. E.g. installs a guard below the collector, and/or educates the home-owner.

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Cash Rebates

Using solar energy can save you money and reduce your direct impact on the environment. Federal, State and Local incentives are now available to help you achieve your goal of energy independence and to reduce your carbon footprint.

tax and utility company rebates and incentives

Plus many states are also offering substantial rebates and incentives to help you achieve your goal of energy independence and to reduce your carbon footprint.