The ProgressivTube™

The ProgressivTube™ is a self-sufficient system. Independent of electricity, it gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your water heating bills will not increase. It also allows you to enjoy hot water even during black-outs.

ProgressivTube System

ProgressivTube Overview

The ProgressivTube passive solar heater is a self-contained unit that acts as a solar collector and storage tank integrated into one piece of equipment. In most systems the unit is utilized as a pre-heater to a terminal, instantaneous or conventional water heater. It can also be used as a stand-alone heater when no backup is required.

The ProgressivTube is a passive system because it has no moving parts and operates in local water pressure and solar radiation. There are no pumps or controls to maintain and no electrical energy is required to make it function.

Once installed the system will operate automatically. When hot water is used in the household, solar pre-heated is drawn into the conventional water heater (reducing or eliminating electricity or gas usage for heating water) or directly to the tap. However, as with all solar water heaters, the total amount of solar contribution to the system is dependent upon the hot water consumption pattern, daily weather conditions, and variable amounts of available sunlight throughout the year.

Superior Technology - ProgressivTube collectors are highly insulated with special closed cell foam, and the unit is double glazed for maximized heat retention. Eight copper tubes are welded into a "series" flow pattern - so that the top of the lower tube feeds the bottom of the next tube. This allows the ProgressivTube to contain the colder replacement water in the lower tubes where it is heated by the sun as it flows from one tube to the next.

Innovation - Each time hot water is used, the ProgressivTube's innovative ICS design [Integrated Collector Storage] eliminates the cooling down of the remaining heated water that normally occurs in other types of batch heaters. Not only does this design ensure the delivery of the hottest water, but it also provides more hot water, at a higher temperature, and with a faster recovery time, than other brands with similar capacity.

ProgressivTube Features:

Fluid Connection - Inlet and outlet connections are made of 3/4" diameter Type L hard copper pipes. This allows for fast, leak-free "sweat fit" soldering of plumbing connections.

Collector Case - The baked-on bronze acrylic finish of the [hard temper T6] extruded aluminum frame wall, and glazing caps [alloy 6061], assures years of attractive rust-free appearance. All rivets and bolts are aluminum or stainless steel. Aluminum .025" back.

Absorber / Storage Tank - Constructed entirely of copper, the 4" diameter tubes are welded to the interconnecting pipes to form a "series" flow pattern. Each tank is pressure rated to 300 psi and is coated with a high-temperature selective solar radiation absorption surface that maximizes heat gain and reduces heat loss.

Insulation - Rigid closed cell polyisocyanurate foam board, the most efficient available, is used to maximize heat retention. Sides and ends of the unit have 1.5" board, R-value 10; bottom has 2" board, R-value 14; between tubes have 1.5" board, R-value 10.

Glazing - Outer glazing is a tempered low-iron solar glass with 91% transmittance. Inner glazing is Teflon film, known for its high temperature tolerance [525°F] and its long term durability and stability, with 96% transmittance. The 3/4" air space between glazings reduces heat loss.

Glazing Gaskets - A continuous gasket made of special long life EDPM synthetic rubber is compressed by the glazing caps to seal out the weather. The inner glazing spline is made of high-temperature tolerant EPDM.

ProgressivTube© is a PASSIVE ICS System

ICS stands for Integrated Collector Storage; a collector and hot water storage tank combined into one unit.

A series of water-filled copper tubes, enclosed in an insulated box covered with glass, is placed in the sun facing south. Cold water is piped to the bottom of the unit; hot water is taken off the top. Whenever hot water is needed, water pressure from the home moves hot water from the top of the solar heater as cold water is replaced into the bottom.

The uncomplicated design and quality construction of the ProgressivTube solar water heater will provide you with years of energy-savings, trouble-free operation. Learn more

Solar hot water diagram

ProgressivTube™ outperforms other systems even in colder climates!

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